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We Face Decades of Problems Ahead For Obama Domestic Policy Failures

Barack ObamaPresident Barack Obama is a top contender in my opinion for the title of “Worst President in American history”. His failures most domestically and abroad can and will I’m sure fill many books. As his presidency winds down, there is already much talk about his “legacy”. Even his biggest supporters are trying to put the focus mainly on his supposed lack of scandals instead of focusing on his many policy failures. But the many scandals during his administration make such efforts laughable.

Losing the scandal argument, Obama’s supports will then say he inherited a horrible economy and saved us from a second Great Depression. Economists will argue for many decades about his actions and about how he incurred massive debt and slowed recovery rather than helping it.

National Debt: Obama supporters will try to say that President Obama left the country in a good financial position but any honest discussion about the economy would have to include what he did to our national debt.  When still a senator, Obama called the increases to the national debt under President George W. Bush to be “unpatriotic”.  If that is the case, then the incredible increase to our debt under President Obama would have to be considered downright treasonous.

Economy/Unemployment:  This article pretty well spells out exactly what the economy is like thanks to President Obama: http://nypost.com/2016/12/07/dont-buy-the-lie-that-obamas-leaving-behind-a-healthy-economy/


The Affordable Care Act has proven to be anything but affordable.
The Obama Administration has even broken the law by illegally funding certain provisions of the law.

Immigration: there have been many Border Agents that have risked damaging their careers to come forward and public ally state that the Obama Administration has quite literally forcing them to release illegal immigrants they catch crossing our borders.

Huge influx of unvetted Syrian refuges dangerous.  Also unemployable.  One result of President Obama’s disaster out immigration policy is the increase of disease outbreaks around our country.  Immigrants from around the world are introducing diseases into our country in population centers that have not seen these diseases in many decades.

The US Border Patrol has basically been ordered not to do their job while the Obama Administration has other federal agencies actively helping illegal immigrants disobey our laws.

Race Relations: there had been hope that electing the first black president would be a symbol that America had finally finished the process started back in the 1960s. There were a few factors that kept that from happening. The first, which should have been expected, was that the race hustlers, those that had made a living off of the conflict between races, would not be willing to see their livelihood eliminated. It was not hard for them to point to any dissension of Obama’s far left policies as being rooted in racism and not ideological differences. Secondly, it would have been expected that the first black president would have sought to be a unifying force that would seek to have their presidency remembered as a time of peaceful unity and harmony. It was not expected that the first black president would be a very far left partisan that would put his ideology above any concerns for racial unity. As a result, race relations are worse now than they have been in many decades.

Abuse of Power:
One of the early examples of how President Obama would run his administration came in 2009 when Inspector General Gerald Walpin was fired when he refused to stop investigating a Obama supporter named Kevin Johnson who was being investigated for taking $847,673 in federal money for a school that never saw a penny of it. Soon after came the example of Attorney General Holder who defied Congress and Constitution to protect the Obama Administration from the Fast and Furious investigation. The worst thing of all that Obama has done during his time in office is that he has shown future prisedents exactly how they can subvert the Constitution to eliminate the balance of power between the branches of government. After almost two and half centuries of relative balance between the branches of government, a president who was also a Constitutional scholar showed the world how a president can use executive orders combined with an subservient Attorney General to act without restraint. It is my greatest fear that future president will take the example to an even further extreme.

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