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Trump on Abortion and Misspeaking

There is a reason that “polish” and “politician” sound so much alike. Politicians spend an entire career perfecting the art of controlling their words to hide their actual feelings and positions on any and all issues. Believe it or not, your favorite politician pays big money to polling firms and focus group companies so they can steer their message in a way that will gain the most votes. Then, like a movie star practicing for a roll, they practice their lines so they don’t slip up when making a public appearance.

Donald Trump is not a professional politician. If you ask him a business related question, he can talk at length and in depth about the issue. But when you ask a question about a social issue, especially a social issue like abortion which very few people have an absolute feeling on one way or another, then you’re opening Trump up for trouble. Which was exactly the intent of Chris Matthews, the MSNBC TV personality that asked him the question.

I call Chris Matthews a TV personality because I would never think of calling him a journalist. He gave up many years ago the mantle of an unbiased journalist. He’s about as far left as you get and why any Republican presidential candidate would agree let him do an interview, I do not know. If I were a GOP presidential candidate, I would agree to do a Chris Matthews interview when Hillary Clinton agreed to an interview with Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity.

Donald Trump is running as a pro-life Republican candidate but he has decades of comments in print and on TV showing his pro-choice views. He says his views have changed over the years and that he is now pro-life with conditions related to the safety of pregnant women. It’s a pretty mainstream way of thinking and should serve him well with women voters in the general election. Liberal reporters know this and have been targeting him as a women-hater because capturing a large portion of the woman’s vote is the only chance Hillary Clinton has of being elected president.

Not being a professional politician is one of Donald Trump’s strengths. But there are weaknesses that come with that benefit. One of them is that he is not trained to look into a camera and lie to us like so many politicians do on a daily basis. If we truly want to get away from having professional politicians Who can lie to us without batting an eye, then we have to give nonprofessional candidates the benefit of the doubt and let them clarify a position when they misspeak.  

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