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The Dems are terrified that AG Sessions will be like AG Eric Holder

It looks like we’ve come to an end to the delay tactics from Democrats in the approval of Senator Jeff Sessions to become the next Attorney General. The only reason his nomination was being held up by Senate committee review was that his vote was needed in the Senate to approve Department of Education Secretary nominee Betsy Devos, who’s nomination vote was just approved with every GOP vote needed. Today the all night delay tactics by Senate Democrats will end and his approval is seen as assured. But it is still worth noting why the Democrats are so scared of Senator Sessions becoming the next Attorney General (AG) of the United States.

Senate Democrats have good reason to be apprehensive about the power of the office of the Attorney General. Both of the Attorney Generals that served during the Obama Administration showed that when someone holds that office who will act above and beyond the law as a shield to the president, then you end up with a president who has very little fear of consequences of misusing their office.

Many Democrat office holders and liberal mainstream media figures spoke during the closing weeks of the Obama administration on how scandal free the Obama administration was during its 8 years. This blatantly false narrative was used to try to cover for the fact that the Obama years were largely a failure for both the country and specifically for their party. But the reality is that there were numerous scandals and none of them were investigated because the Attorney General prevented any investigations. Congress was stymied time and again by an AG who would come to their committee hearings and make it clear that they were not going to do anything to look into any allegations against President Obama.

Examples of this abuse of the AG powers include the Fast and furious gun scandal, the illegal use of the IRS against conservative campaign groups, the DOJ illegally seizing reporter records and the NSA mass surveillance of American citizens without a warrant. Each of these warranted an investigation into the abuse of executive powers and each was shot down by the Attorney General. House and Senate committees were powerless to do anything about the AG obstruction.

Democrat House and Senate members did nothing to stop the actions of the Obama Attorney Generals but they had to know that someday those particular chickens would come home to roost. Now they face that day and are terrified of having a Republican Attorney General who could possibly follow the Holder AG Model and shield President Trump from any perceived excesses. As a minority in both the House and Senate, they are not even in a position to hold committee hearings.

I have previously stated that one of the most damaging things the Obama Administration did to our country was to show future presidents how selecting a loyal-above-all-else AG shifts the balance of government power overwhelming in favor of the executive branch. I sincerely hope Jeff Sessions is not that type of Attorney General.

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