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South Carolina and Nevada GOP Primary Vote Results

It was no big surprise when Donald trump won decisively in the South Carolina GOP primary vote. Every poll for the last 18 weeks would’ve had to of been wrong for it to be otherwise. The big surprise was that Marco Rubio actually seem to have the momentum that had been hinted in the previous week or so.

The Nevada primary was a surprise because, even though everyone knew Trump was going to win, nobody expected him to win by such a large margin (46%).  Marco Rubio continued his momentum well Ted Cruz seems to be stalling a bit.

Marco Rubio continues to be my number one pick for the next president of United States of America.  He’s an attractive candidate for many reasons. He’s a powerful speaker and brings youth and vigor to a race otherwise dominated by names from a generation past. As the son of immigrant parents, he will have a biography that will attract many Latino voters over to the Republican side.  In Florida is often the deciding state because I’m selections and it is almost inconceivable that he would lose Florida’s electoral votes in the general election against either of his potential democrat opponents.  

One big outcome of the South Carolina primary was Jeb Bush suspending his presidential campaign. It is likely that many of his voters will cross over to Marco Rubio (this may be why Rubio went from a few points behind Cruz in the polls after the SC Orimary to winning the Nevada Caucus by a few percentage points.   It seems very unlikely that many former Bush supporters will cross over to Texas Senator Ted Cruz.   I also find it likely that Carson and Kasick support will start to diminish as it becomes even more unlikely that either candidate will go anywhere.  Both groups should be attracted to Marco Rubio as the strongest possible GOP opponent to Donald Trump.   And their combined support would put Rubio within striking distance of being in the lead.   This is the most likely scenario and would effectively end the Ted Cruz campaign. 

I am hopeful that Donald Trump and Marco Rubio do not get into a particular ugly fight with each other and instead let next week’s super Tuesday primary day decide who will be the Republican nominee.   Should Donald Trump continue his dominance, putting Marco Rubio on in the number two spot as vice presidential candidate would be us very powerful ticket.   Or should Marco Rubio leap to the number one spot and become the nominee, it would be very helpful to have Donald Trump encourage his supporters to align with Marco Rubio.

All Republicans need to remember that the end goal is to get a Republican president in office who can begin to reverse the many horrible decisions and executive orders implemented by President Obama.   The large field of candidates the Republicans had has narrowed down and made each of the remaining candidates stronger.  Let us hope that all of the Republicans coalesce around one strong candidate soon so we can have a successful Republican elected in November.

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