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Questioning the Supposed 2018 Blue Wave

Is there really going to be a “Blue Wave” of Democrat Voters in the November 2018 Election?

Listen to just about every main stream media channel or website and you will undoubtably see mention of an expected blue wave of Democrat wins for this upcoming November election cycle. 


There is some justification for this line of thought. Polls consistently show Democrat voters very motivated. And they look at previous elections going back several decades shows that the party out of power in the White House usually picks up a good number of seats in the mid term elections.

Many of the media talking heads say that the Democrats are more motivated than the Republicans because they’re angry about President Trump. And the theory is that anger motivates people to get out to vote. What they are discounting is that Trump voters are angry as well. They are angry that the president they fairly elected is being so unfairly treated in the media.

I’m not the only one to be questioning the supposed Blue wave of 2018


It’s important to look at the nation as a whole but I have been paying particular attention here in Florida.

Longtime Florida political analyst Jim Defede, who has a CBS show each Sunday morning covering Florida politics, says early voting numbers show him no sign of a Democrat wave.


Nationally, Democrat leaders insist that their voters are fired up. You would never know it from the looks of the recent “Netroots Nation” in New Orleans, billed as the largest Progressive conference this year and featuring prominent Democrats such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Kamala Harris, Sen . Cory Booker (all three being heralded by the media as 2020 presidential candidates), New York Governor candidate Cynthia Nixon, and self-described democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.  What it did not feature was much in the way of attendance.


One would have expected this conference to have been packed to the gills if their base was as fired up as Democrat leaders and the media say they are on a daily basis.

Things may change, but as it stands right now, I do not see Democrats making big wins this November. The economy is booming and unemployment is it at an all time low. President Trump is more popular now than President Obama was at this time in his presidency.  Democrats are going to have to offer voters something more than their hatred of President Trump if they want to have better results on Election Day.

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