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Combat Robot Prototype

Cool Prototype Combat Robot

Kalashnikov, the company famous for their AK-47 rifle, shows off a combat robot prototype: It’s just a prototype but it’s very cool!

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Will there be a 2018 Blue Wave of Democrat voters?

Questioning the Supposed 2018 Blue Wave

Is there really going to be a “Blue Wave” of Democrat Voters in the November 2018 Election? Listen to just about every main stream media channel or website and you will undoubtably see mention of an expected blue wave of Democrat wins for this upcoming November election cycle. There …

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US Border Enforcement

Defining Who Is a DACA Dreamer

One of the problems that Congress is going to have with DACA is that it covers too general a population. I don’t think you should group a 17-year-old who came here when he was six months old with a 17-year-old who came here six months ago. The first has never …

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