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GOP immigration policy: Much Easier on Legal Immigration, Harder on Illegal Immigration

I do not pretend to know what is in the heart or mind of Donald Trump.  He has caught a lot of flak over the past couple of weeks or so about his inartful comments on Mexican immigrants.  He should not have implied that all Mexican immigrants are criminals. But he was 100% correct in stating that a percentage of Mexican immigrants are criminals.   If you ignore this then you ignore reality. And if you dispute the political correctness of stating this then that’s your problem and not Donald Trump’s.  There is no denying that illegal immigration is a problem for our country.

Any serious political problem usually requires both tactical and strategic thinking when seeking resolution.  Tactically, we have to control our borders better. We have to know who is coming into our country. We have to know if our enemies are trying to cross our borders to do us harm and we need to know the health status of those who enter to ensure that no infectious diseases endanger our population.   We need to know who is coming into this country to better themselves versus those who are coming into this country with criminal intent.

But equally important to the tactical necessity of controlling our borders is the long-term strategic value of immigration. If we wish to compete with the likes of China and India as they become more industrialized and more powerful, we need a bigger population.  In the coming decades, we will need a population of 500 million to compete with China, which will have more than three times that population by then.  We will need that number to have additional workers and additional job creators.   It is clearly in our nations interest for us to make legal immigration much easier.

If the GOP wishes to increase the percentage of Latin voters that vote Republican, then they must get rid of the false narrative produced by the left-leaning media that portrays Republicans as anti-immigration.  We must increase the number of Latin GOP candidates.  We have to increase the number of Latin community GOP groups.  We have to increase spending on commercials and other advertisements that emphasize that most Latin voters agree with GOP on a number of important voter issues.  We should connect with Latin religious and community leaders to promote GOP  efforts to make it easier to legally come into this country.

Regardless of their country of origin, most Latin Americans share our Judeo-Christian values and are pro-traditional family, hard working, religious and distrustful of the large powerful governments that often cause so many problems in the country they left.   Many Latin voters agree that controlling immigration is good for our country and specifically for their communities in regard to job growth, crime control, etc.  We must make it clear to Latin voters that Republicans, not the Democrats share their values.

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