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Don’t Make “March For Our Lives” Become “March For Gun Lies”

Walk For Our Lives Gun Protest 2018

Thousands of people are expected to March at today’s “March for our Lives” protests that are being held in Washington DC and many other parts of the country. Many of them are sincere members of what is being called Generation Z, and they are marching for what they hope will change in the amount of gun violence in our country. They believe their quest for gun control to be non-partisan and just want gun control for making their schools safer place. I will address that naivety later.

If you are one of those who plan to march and are proposing to ban all guns then read no further and please go back to your cartoons and Kardashian‘s. But if you are a more serious person truly seeking solutions to gun violence then you must realize that the answer lies with stopping the perpetrator from doing the act, not in stopping chosen weapon of the perpetrator.

Take the recent Parkland Florida school shooting for example. Any serious person will understand that making an AR-15 rifle unavailable to that psychotic killer would not have stopped the murder of those innocent victims. Any semi automatic handgun would have led to the same result. When you eliminate range and velocity, two variables that had no impact in this situation, then there is no real difference between an AR-15 and a 9 mm semi automatic handgun. So if you were looking to stop a Parkland – like school shooting, then trying to ban certain kind of gun does nothing for your cause.

So if you were serious about trying to stop school shootings, then don’t let yourself be a tool for the anti-gun liberals. Instead, look at what can be done to have an actual affect on limiting school shootings. And the sad thing is that there are real things that could be done but all the energy towards making change is directed towards gun control.

For example, we could eliminate Broward County’s Behavior Intervention Program, which describes it’s efforts as “attempts to mainstream a smaller number of “students who exhibit severe, unmanageable behavior,” according to a 2017-2018 program handbook, including those who are “convicted of a serious crime such as rape, murder, attempted murder, sexual battery or firearm related offense.”  President Obama supported the program and worked to have it implemented nationwide.  The Broward Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie, a close ally of President Obama, started the program because, as he saw it, punishing teenage offenders of serious offenses in compliance with the law and accordance with established sentencing guidelines disproportionately harmed young African-American men.  In other words, ignore the safety of the rest of the students in a school so you don’t “ruin” the future of a teenager that has been convicted of a serious felony.

We could also ensure that political correctness does not ties our hands in our efforts to identify students that have not had criminal convictions but who do exhibit behavior that could upon reasonable analysis, lead to violence. The Parkland killer (I don’t use his name because he doesn’t deserve to be made famous for his crimes) had numerous reports from students and teachers that should have had him being closely monitored and definitely not in possession of firearms of any type. But political correctness had officials in multiple schools shuffle the killer around so that he was always somebody else’s problem.

These are just two examples of things that could be done to have real effects on school shootings.  Or you could waste your time protesting against a Second Amendment right that has been defended by legislation and by Supreme Court decisions over and over again for many decades.  If you are naive enough to think America is ever going to give up gun rights, then you still need to get kicked in the teeth by life a few more times.  It will happen.  That’s why most of the very liberal kids of this “Generation Z” that are participating in today’s marches will end up as conservatives just like the previous generations.  It’s called growing up.


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