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Consequences For Illegal Immigrants

If an American citizen broke the law and was arrested and put in jail, would you expect the children of that citizen to be put in jail with them so you wouldn’t be separating a family? Of course not. Would you tell the citizen that since they have children and you don’t want to separate them from their family that they shouldn’t worry about breaking the law…they can go ahead and go on their merry way with no consequences? Of course not. So are we to give rights to illegal immigrants That we do not give to our own citizens?

There are consequences whenever someone breaks a law. If you run a stop sign, there’s a chance you’ll get a ticket. There’s a chance you’ll cause an accident and hurt yourself or someone else. Society sets consequences for breaking laws as a deterrent to breaking those laws. Society is not responsible for the negative consequences that happened to someone when they break one of our laws.

These are basic facts to most of us but apparently they have to be explained to those who are protesting the separation of children from those who break our laws as they tried to enter our country illegally. There are consequences to entering our country illegally.

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